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I want Mr. Tilney and Miles to fight over me.

nb : i tag football-related posts 'football'


does anyone know of a good way to calm yourself?

because I want to kill someone and I need to sleep because I’m exhausted and I can’t sleep rn

I’m going to London for the week-end - and yes the world cup finale which wasn’t exactly planned - sooooo, yeah, bye :D


i’m loving this line up

i’m really nervous though

I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t even checked out NSFW with jj :s

well, I’ll be righting that wrong very soon :3

i’m doing shots of vodka so it knocks me down so i can sleep


when does it all end? i NEED it to end

btw thanks everyone for yesterday, I really appreciated it

and I’m feeling better today <33

i’m having a panick attack and i can’t stop crying

and i thought i was doing so much better

we got our new place :D yeah my sister and I were looking for a new flat and we got it :)

yay \o/

this is a little scary though

I can spend almost an entire day without thinking about her and then all of a sudden every single second becomes unbearable