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I want Mr. Tilney and Miles to fight over me.

nb : i tag football-related posts 'football'


i’m doing shots of vodka so it knocks me down so i can sleep


when does it all end? i NEED it to end

btw thanks everyone for yesterday, I really appreciated it

and I’m feeling better today <33

i’m having a panick attack and i can’t stop crying

and i thought i was doing so much better

we got our new place :D yeah my sister and I were looking for a new flat and we got it :)

yay \o/

this is a little scary though

I can spend almost an entire day without thinking about her and then all of a sudden every single second becomes unbearable

I can’t concentrate on anything but her, it’s horrible I haven’t done ANY work for uni in weeks, I feel like I’m completely disconnected from the world, and she treats me like shit, I’m trying to cut her off so that I can move on and all I can think about is how I’m not sure that’s fair to her and how it would hurt so much less to keep on hoping for now even if it’s for nothing

she’s inconsiderate, she’s selfish, she can’t take criticism, I can’t even talk to her anymore but letting her go hurts like a bitch. what’s up with that?

and it makes me SO angry to know that she doesn’t even give a shit, I’m torturing myself, even feeling sorry for her and I know SHE DOESN’T GIVE A FUCKING SHIT ABOUT ANYTHING I’M GOING THROUGH

and I feel selfish for thinking about this because she doesn’t owe me anything, she doesn’t have to give a shit, but damn

waw i’m so drunk i accidentally blocked my own phone because i couldn’t remember my own pin code

and now i can’t remember my phone number


I don’t understand why getting over her is so hard, it feels like the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do and idek why.

I think I’m just gonna get drunk and finish catching up on hannibal

I need to keep busy but I can’t seem to start working

this is a nightmare