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Adventures of Thomas Müller - World Cup 2014 pt 1

Dear soccer friends,

   Over the last season, I came to the decision to retire from international soccer after this World Cup. I informed Jogi Löw that I was retiring on Monday. I am happy and thankful that the end of my international career falls together with the win of the World Cup in Brazil. This morning I said my goodbyes to DFB-president Wolfgang Niersbach and thanked him for the great teamwork from Joachim Löw, Hansi Flick, Andy Köpke and Oliver Bierhoff as well as the whole team and all DFB-staff of the past 10 years. I’m on vacation for 3 days now and have the privacy and time to find mental closure for my international career. Thank you for the great time!

Best regards, Phillip Lahm (x)

Proud that we won the worldcup. But the most important and best that I have is Louis. I have you in my heart. Father and son - together Champions !!

For almost ten years, Philipp Lahm has provided consistency, reliability and the highest standard in the national side.  - Joachim Löw


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