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I want Mr. Tilney and Miles to fight over me.

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Sheldon explaining fandom life

now we know what’s going on with glee

LOTR meme♦ 5 BRO/OTPs  
1. Legolas × Gimli
"Where you go, I will go."

«Sanctimonia Vincet Semper»

Malfoy Family


sansa had the grace to blush. she blushed prettily. she did everything prettily.

#sansa does everything prettily #and pretty is decorative #pretty is fleeting #pretty is fake #you have to learn pretty #and why would you waste time on something so useless and silly #but sansa does everything prettily #when sansa destroys you #it is going to be pretty

One swallow doesn’t make a summer.


North & South ► Episode 1

∟ “I wish I could tell you how lonely I am. How cold and harsh it is here. Everywhere there is conflict and unkindness. I think God has forsaken this place. I believe I have seen hell and it’s white, it’s snow-white.”

why had he never appreciated what a miracle he was, brain and nerve and bounding heart?

Atonement + space